Flight of Petit Caramels

$ 50.00

Having a hard time deciding what flavors to get?  Get this "Flight" which includes a Petit 2 oz jar of every one of our caramel flavors - Original, Vanilla Bean, Salted Bourbon, Cinnamon, Vermont Maple, Spicy Dark Chocolate, Cold Brew Coffee and Irish Whiskey Cream.  A wonderful present for one of your specials.  Packaged in a gift box.


  • Original: Goat’s milk, pure cane sugar, baking soda
  • Salted Bourbon: Goat’s milk, pure cane sugar, Kentucky straight Bourbon, baking soda, sea salt
  • Vanilla Bean: Goat’s milk, pure cane sugar, baking soda, French Bourbon vanilla beans
  • Vermont Maple: Goat’s milk, pure cane sugar, Cold Hollow Vermont Pure Maple Syrup, baking soda
  • Cold Brew Coffee: Goat’s milk, pure cane sugar, Vermont Artisan Cold Brew, baking soda
  • Spicy Dark Chocolate: Goat’s milk, pure cane sugar, Taza Organic Stone Ground Chocolate Liquor, baking soda, ground cayenne
  • Irish Whiskey Cream: Goat’s milk, pure cane sugar, heavy cream, Irish Whiskey, baking soda, sea salt
  • Cinnamon: Goat’s milk, pure cane sugar, baking soda, organic cinnamon sticks

*Irish Whiskey Cream contains cow's cream