Cold Brewed Vanilla Extract

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Most vanilla extract is made by heating the vanilla bean in alcohol to extract it's flavors. But by allowing the bean to soak for months and never heating it, the extract retains more of the natural flavors and aromas. We go a step further than most cold brewed extracts by using the exceptionally high quality Green Mountain Distillers organic vodka as our base, instead of grain alcohol. This means that you can use our extract in places that you're not going to be cooking off the sub-par alcohol - like custards, frostings and mixed drinks. 

We brew our vanilla extract with two different beans. Tahitian vanilla is a fun, flowery, almost candy-like vanilla (I recommend it for ice creams, custards and candies - we use this variety in our Mighty Tasty Granola). Madagascar is a caramely, nutty, richer vanilla (it's best in classic baked goods like cookies and cake). Both are made in a single batch, once a year. Once they sell out, they are gone until next year.