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Mustard Mustard Mustard Mustard Mustard Mustard Mustard Mustard Mustard


$ 8.00
  • We make our mustard like we make our hot sauces; in small, seasonal random-as-all-heck flavors. Just like the hot sauce, we have some big batch flavors that are always available. Everything else is made 2-4 cases at a time and changes with the wind. So, if you like it, get it. If you don't, don't worry, we'll make something different next time.

    The mustards come in 8 oz jars and are all made with organic Canadian yellow and brown mustard seed, organic white vinegar, salt plus whatever flavor is mentioned in the name and description. If you have any specific ingredient questions or concerns, just shoot us an email and ask!

    We've added cases! Save 25% on a full case purchase. If you would like a mixed flavor case, specify which flavors in a note a checkout.

    New! Want a mixed case, but don't know what you want? Choose the We-Pick case and we'll choose the flavors for you! You'll still save 25%.

    Can't commit to a whole case, but still want a surprise? Order a TwoFer surprise pack and save!

    The Big Boys:
    Heady Topper - Heady Topper IPA really shines in this fabulous beer mustard.

    Citizen Cider Smoked Onion - This is a lovely blend of Citizen Cider's Unified Press and maple wood smoked Vermont onions. Perfect on a turkey sandwich. 

    Vermont Jalapeno - A generous dose of Vermont green jalapenos kick this spicy mustard up to a whole new level.

    Maple Sriracha - Eastman Long & Son's maple syrup, Vermont garlic scapes and Vermont jalapenos. This is excellent on sandwiches, burgers and fancy cheese.

    Gustard - A Guster Mustard - We made this spicy pickle mustard in collaboration with the musical awesomeness that is Guster. This is a garlic, dill, jalapeno and cucumber mustard that is fabulous on sausage, burgers and pretzels. A portion of all proceeds are donated to Zeno Mountain Farm - one of the greatest places on earth.

    The Microbatches:.

    #2006 Maple Wood Smoked Chipotle - Back by popular demand, we couldn't help but make another pot of one of our favorite micro batches. Maple wood provides a robust smoke for the red jalapeños without overpowering their more delicate flavors.

    #2106 Garlic Onion - A staple combo, garlic and onion make for a mouth-watering and versatile mustard.