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We make our mustard like we make our hot sauces; in small, seasonal random-as-all-heck flavors. Just like the hot sauce, we have some big batch flavors that are always available. Everything else is made 2-4 cases at a time and changes with the wind. So, if you like it, get it. If you don't, don't worry, we'll make something different next time.

The mustards come in 8 oz jars and are all made with organic yellow and brown mustard seed, white vinegar, salt plus whatever flavor is mentioned in the name and description. If you have any specific ingredient questions or concerns, just shoot us an email and ask!

Can't choose just one? Buy a mixed case of your choice and get two free jars of mustard! Just specify which 14 jars you would like in a note at checkout.

The Big Boys:
Heady Topper - Heady Topper IPA really shines in this fabulous beer mustard.
Citizen Cider Smoked Onion - This is a lovely blend of Citizen Cider's Unified Press and maple wood smoked Vermont onions. Perfect on a turkey sandwich.
Vermont Jalapeno - A generous dose of Vermont green jalapenos kick this spicy mustard up to a whole new level.
Garlic Onion - This is the "use it everywhere" mustard that is good for all your mustard needs. We make it with Vermont onions and Vermont garlic scapes.

The Random Flavors:
#1701 Grand-Maman's Rosemary - When my mother in law sent me home with some of her fabulous rosemary, I just had to put it in a mustard!
#1703 Maple Breakfast Stout - This is a longtime favorite. It's just a little sweet with 14th Star Brewery's Maple Breakfast Stout and pure Vermont maple syrup.
#1710 Honey Carrot - Made with Bear Roots Farm's super sweet late winter carrots and Northwood's Apiaries honey. It a great tangy-sweet mustard.
#1711 Backwoods Reserve Rum - We love working with Dunc's Mill rum and this mustard is packed with the good stuff. Backwoods Reserve is Dunc's barrel aged rum and it gives this mustard a nice caramelyness. 
#1712 Maple Ginger - I have been on a serious ginger kick with some truly excellent ginger from True Love Farm. This mustard is sweet, gingery and mustardy. Perfect for a pork burger or salad dressing.

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