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Hot Sauce - Butterfly Bakery of Vermont

Hot Sauce

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We have 5 "big" flavors of hot sauce that are available year round and in stores: Heady Pepper (made with the world famous Heady Topper IPA), Maple Sugar Shack Sriracha, Cilantro Onion, Smoked Onion, and Vermont Habs. All other flavors are made in small 24-150 bottle batches on our back porch. If you like a flavor, buy a lot, because it might never be made again. It's fun to keep you on your toes that way.

The hot sauces all come in those standard 5oz hot sauce bottles. As for ingredients, these are all vinegar based hot sauces with no gums or fillers. The ingredients (besides Vermont grown peppers, organic white vinegar and salt) are generally right there in the title. Send us a quick email if you need more specific details on a given flavor.

Are you wondering why a bakery is making hot sauce? Or who are the fine farmers who are growing the peppers that give our hot sauces their great flavors? Check out our Hot Sauce Story.

We've added cases! Save 25% on a full case purchase. If you would like a mixed flavor case, specify which flavors in a note a checkout. (Excluding Rum Cask and Genersaucity hot sauces).

The big flavors:

Maple Sugar Shack Sriracha - Garlicky maple sweet heat. This is one of our most popular hot sauces and is made with some spectacular red jalapenos, organic garlic scapes and pure Vermont maple syrup
Vermont Habs - Nothing but Vermont's beautiful, fruity, kick you in the face habanero peppers, organic white vinegar and salt. This one is plenty hot.
Heady Pepper - Made with the world famous Heady Topper IPA, this medium hot hot sauce is made with green jalapenos and will deliver you right up to hop sauce heaven.
Smoked Onion - This is our newest "big" hot sauce. We maplewood smoke Vermont onions and cook them up with red Vermont jalapenos. This is a truly spectacular hot sauce that might just be my new favorite. 
Cilantro Onion - straight forward with mid-level heat this is our signature "use on anything and everything" hot sauce made with green jalapenos, robust cilantro and sweet Vermont onions.

The micro batches:

#1607 Mirepoix - Mirepoix is the holy trinity of French cooking. Vermont onions, carrots and celeriac combine beautifully to create a rich base to this wonderful mid-level spicy jalapeno hot sauce.
#1612 Onion Crusher - Crusher IPA from The Alchemist Brewery is an intensely hoppy beer that makes for a lively dance with green jalapenos from True Love Farm. Vermont grown onions round out this hot sauce to create a “use it everywhere” medium hot craft beer hot sauce.
#1614 Salted Apple Argument - Who doesn’t love a good salty argument? Argument IPA is Queen City Brewery’s English style IPA. It’s smoother than a traditional American IPA and blends nicely with Vermont apples, Vermont jalapenos, and swift salty kick. This is a medium hot sauce.
#1618 Honey Squash - Dog River Farm butternut squash, Singing Cedars Apiaries honey and True Love Farm jalapenos give you the taste of a New England fall rounded out with robustly flavored, medium hot green jalapenos. This is a great hot sauce for thick soups, cheeses and roast vegetables.
#1622 So Not Hot Sauce - The trinidad seasoning peppers has all the tropical flavor of a trinidad varietal, but zero heat. It tastes like it will kick you in the face and then it just doesn't. This is a fantastic hot sauce for kids, and those who just don't want a kick in the face.
#1623 Scape Sauce - This is not actually a hot sauce as it contains no heat or peppers. But I make it just like I make the hot sauces, but with garlic scapes instead of peppers (scapes are the lovely green curly cues that grow above ground on a garlic plant). The vibrant garlic flavor of the part of the garlic plant that farmers usually turn back into the soil makes for a thick and versatile sauce.
#1624 Garlic Jalapeno Rum Cask - A slow, winter ferment in a charred oak Dunc’s Mill rum barrel gives this Garlic Jalapeno Rum Cask Hot Sauce a rich, umami filled medium hot burn. This hot sauce tastes wonderful with tacos, eggs, corn chips and pretty much anything else. $10/bottle
#1631 Maple Garlic Stout - 14th Star’s Maple Breakfast Stout brings a rich depth to this “more than a sriracha” hot sauce. This medium hot jalapeno hot sauce is excellent on spring rolls, stir frys and fancy burgers.
#1632 Mon Petit Chou - The French have made cabbage into a word of endearment, so we made it into a hot sauce! This is a earthy, supportive medium hot jalapeno hot sauce that goes great on egg rolls, marinades, and picnic salads of all varieties.
Genersaucity - #1633 Honey, Please - A year ago, The Tragically Hip announced that their lead singer, Gord Downie, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. %@&# cancer! Our 2nd Genersaucity is a lovely Vermont honey sweetened, cayenne & hot wax pepper blend and 100% of the net profits will go to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research at Sunnybrook. Let the music bring us together to defeat cancer! (Because it is a fundraiser, there is no case discount available). 
#1634 Ginger Maple Rum - Dunc’s Mill Maple Rum and True Love Farm’s ginger and jalapenos make for a lively, yet well rounded medium hot sauce. This hot sauce is great in stirfries, marinades and in mixed drinks.
#1635 Hopped Cider Carrot - This is a seriously Vermont terroir medium hot sauce. We used Maple Wind Farm green jalapenos, then we cooked in 100% local apple dry-hopped hard cider from Stowe Cider, deliciously sweet Bear Roots Farm carrots, and Vermont made, Vermont apple cider vinegar from Artesano. Someday we’ll figure out how to harvest salt here too.
#1545 Ghost Old Monty - Queen City Brewery’s Old Monty Barleywine-style Ale is a malty strong ale that stands up heartily to a good ol’ wallop of ghost pepper sticky heat. This is a crazy hot hot sauce that's good on everything that you want a searing, robust flavor on.

See a video of when The Alchemist's owner John Kimmich came out to make some Heady Pepper Owners Reserve (only available from The Alchemist shop in Stowe, VT). 

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